Skilled workers and students from India have been a part of Canada for centuries. Back in 1904, the majority of the Indians came to Canada and settled down in British Columbia.

Thanks to an Indo-Canadian community in Canada, Indian immigrants are equivalent to Ottawa. With this comes a question: where do most of the Indians settle down in Canada?

In this article, we’ll talk about the top five destinations ideal for Indian nationals who are moving to Canada to study or permanently.


There is something special between Indian immigrants and Vancouver. A few first immigrants from India came to Canada via Vancouver, making a relationship of over 100 years. Currently, there are approximately 125,000 Indian citizens based in Vancouver and its nearby areas permanently.


In and around the Calgary Metropolitan Area, you can spot around 50,000 Indian citizens with thousands more students and temporary workers from India, making Calgary the third most popular city among Indians. It is a major attraction for Indian immigrants with mining, engineering, or other related educational and working backgrounds.


Toronto is another foremost destination for immigrants from India. It is an economic engine of Canada and a home to a few top colleges and universities on the continent. Being a highly multicultural city, Toronto is home to approximately 79,225 Indian immigrants.

The Greater Toronto Area (excluding Toronto)

If Toronto is an economic engine of Canada, the GTA is the nation’s heart. From manufacturing jobs of different types flourishing in cities from Brampton to Oakville to many technology companies, GTA has a lot to offer and is becoming a massive hub for immigrants faster, especially for Indians.

There are a lot of strong Indian immigrant communities in cities like Brampton, Markham and Mississauga.


Being a northerly ‘big’ city, Edmonton is also home to tens of thousands of Indians. It is the sunniest city in Canada and embraces Mother Nature well. With multiple festivals and events throughout the year, immigrants coming directly from India can make Edmonton their second home.

To conclude, we can say that these five are the top places you may choose to live in Canada as an Indian immigrant.

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